You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, from looking at these photos, that Henry is a playful and rambunctious little pup.


My husband and I drove three hours from our home to Renton, Washington to pick up this little bundle of joy. He was timid and apprehensive at first, refusing to make eye contact, retreating within himself. Henry was shy to say the least.

I held him for most of the three hour car ride home, watching him marvel at the sights flashing by just outside the car window.

It’s all new to Henry. He’s only 10 weeks old. There is still so much out there for him to discover. Running in the grass. The feel of the sun on his back. Learning how to get along with the other pups in our home. There’ll be lots of time for that,  though, right now he’s determined to lay sprawled out on the floor sleeping the day away.

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