Home Decor

Kitchen Lounge

The kitchen is our go-to hangout spot in the house. The place where our family convenes while meals are being prepared. The place where we catch-up on each other’s lives, obsess over the latest episode of The Walking Dead, and laugh while prepping the lasagna.

Since the kitchen is such a central part of our lives, I knew that having a traditional eat-in kitchen wasn’t for us. The bar stools at our kitchen island provided some seating


, but I wanted something a little more inviting and laid back when it came to the breakfast nook. So I opted to use the space as a kitchen lounge instead.

I added a loveseat, Eames style chair, a few houseplants, unique light fixture, and a super soft rug to the space. The result? The perfect space for relaxing, reading a book, or catching up on the latest gossip while someone else does the cooking.

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