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Hi. My name is Kristi. I’m the writer and photographer behind this blog. I love sushi, naps and buying all the pretty things at Target. I’m a Native Hawaiian living in Lake Chelan, Washington with my husband and four children. My three older children have left the nest and their 14-year old sister behind. Life with one kid under the roof is taking some getting used to, but we’re managing just fine. 

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While this is mainly a lifestyle blog, I often share fun things to do here in Lake Chelan, Washington and my island home of Hawaii. I also have a passion for photography and created two projects, Let Her Be and my self-portrait project.

Let Her Be is a love letter to my daughter and an intimate look into the wonder of childhood.

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I poured my heart into my Self-Portrait Project, which is *NSFW. It was a very personal and introspective project that I’m happy to have created.

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